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Full-Service Bookkeeping Services

We offer monthly, or on occasion, quarterly bookkeeping depending on the need of the client.

Full-Service Payroll and Sales Tax Returns

We have the latest, up to date payroll software and the skill to perform various levels of payroll.

New Business Formation

New business checklists can get overwhelming but starting right is the way forward to success.


I am an Enrolled Agent, empowered by the US Department of Treasury, which enables me to practice under the IRS as a tax expert and tax professional.

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What Our Clients Say About Us:

“She is fast, fair, dependable and ALWAYS accurate and on time.”

Nicola Griffin, with On Point Bookkeeping, has been providing 100% professional accounting and bookkeeping services for our corporation for almost 10 years. Nicola’s service is 2nd to none. She is fast, fair, dependable and ALWAYS accurate and on time.

Nicola is extremely knowledgeable with respect to business accounting practices, principles and procedures. She expertly manages our payables and receivables and our books are always current and up-to-date. Our Board of Directors receives timely monthly financials including everything from Aging Reports to the Check Register. The monthly reports also include a current Balance Sheet as well as a Profit and Loss Statement. She is instrumental in the production and filing of our annual tax documents and other required corporate reporting.

Nicola is a motivated problem solver and is always willing to go the extra mile. I would enthusiastically recommend Nicola and her firm to anyone looking for assistance with their accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities.


Dan Reid

President – Storage Condos Meridian Owners, Inc.

“Nicola has been an invaluable resource for our business accounts for the last year.”

I have been working with Nicola for the last year and I am constantly amazed at the teamwork and dedication. Nicola does our business accounting and helps us keep everything straight, while making sure we understand what is due and when. 

She is completely organized and calls or emails us when we have deadlines to meet.  She never lets us go too long without a meeting and we always know what to file and when to file it. I recommend On Point Bookkeeping for small and growing businesses for help with accounts payable, receivable, quarterlies and reconciliations. They are truly experts in their field and it is great to find someone you can trust.

Mandy Gabaldon
Division Construction

“Nicola has been a huge asset to me for more than nine years.”

It’s difficult to put into words my admiration for Nicola and her work ethic.  First, I would have to say she is very diligent, always eager to learn and a hard worker.  She is loyal, extremely motivated and not intimidated by new tasks. 

Nicola has the talent for breaking tasks down into steps and creating procedures to assure consistently and accuracy.  In addition, and possibly her best attribute, she is kind and easy to work with.  Nicola has been a huge asset to me for more than nine years and I look forward to working with her and her team at every opportunity.


Kelli Herbert
International Outsourcing, Inc.